Sunday, 1 July 2012

Inspiration: Summit Homes - The Seasons Laundry

Previously, I had raved about the laundry from the Shangri-La display home by Ventura Homes. The Shangri-La design is great for large laundries. In contrast, I found this design by Summit Homes a great inspiration for a narrow/small laundry.

To the left of the below photo you can see that sliding doors have been used to house what I believe is a linen/broom closet, which is typical of a larger laundry. It does not take much imagination to imagine this room as a one-sided laundry, hence my belief that the right hand design perfect for a narrow laundry.

I really like the full height cabinetry and overhead cupboards. Unlike the Ventura Homes design the washer and dryer are not housed in individual pigeon holes, which allows greater flexibility in terms of appliance sizing, however I wonder if it gives them more room to move around.

Image From: Summit Homes display house The Seasons

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