Friday, 25 May 2012

Model: Kitchen, Theatre, Dining Room #1

This design highlights my love of bifold windows and doors, natural light via clerestory windows, and, varied ceiling heights. Having higher ceilings in the dining room gives the room a sense of grandeur, whilst the lower ceiling in the theatre/sitting room still makes the rooms feel cozy. I like to have lower ceilings in the kitchen because it makes lighting easier if you are using recessed halogen lights.

The chunky walls on the left and right sides of the dining area would make the perfect place to hide stacking cavity sliding doors. These doors could be used to close the kitchen and sitting rooms off from the dining room. This could be especially good in winter if you incorporate a fire place in the theatre/sitting room and want to keep the heat in.

There is one major flaw in this design. Unless you use a flat roof, you will see the roof line through the left and right upper windows :/

View of the kitchen, dining and theatre/sitting room

View of the dining room into the theatre/sitting room